Tourism in philippine essay

What the organization builds are not only houses, but homes and shelters. These form the Philippines, a place where you can learn the real meaning of life, and how to appreciate things around.

Attitude is one of the most profound lessons I have learnt throughout my trip in the Philippines. All these one can do in fun Philippines. Real charity should be done in this way-- a direct help to the poor, an influential step toward solving the problem of poverty.

A big part of the money that tourists will spend during their stay, will go to these businesses. Their love and care had really touched me deeply. You can even meet the whale sharks and swim close to them.

What was I grumbling about when I was sitting in a room with air-conditioning, studying for my exams? Without a visit, one can never truly know how the Philippines looks like.

Positive effectrs of Tourism in the Philippines Essay Sample

Nature is the best gift from God, and what more do we have to desire for? The essay has been edited for conciseness and clarity. Life can be simple. No matter what they are—sales staff, taxi drivers, security guards or simply strangers passing—Filipinos wear lovely smiles on their faces.

There, I could feel the nature of the Philippines, which again, brought me to the feeling that life can really be simple and easy. Instead, I could Tourism in philippine essay cheers and laughter. Until recently, there had been no measurement of the economic reality of the tourism industry.

Many Philippine businesses, small or big, offer their services to the tourists. Through the two lessons in Ateneo and the visit to the National Museum, I understood more about the history and culture of the Philippines. The Philippines — More Than Just a Place to Visit By Choi Tong I Clear blue skies with clouds formed into different pictures; a jolly sun, with the most brilliant sunshine that lights up nature; grateful and pleasant people, with the brightest smiles that build up their unique culture.

The journey has taught me a lot, and I experienced more than I expected. The students and staff in my host university, the Ateneo de Manila University, were all very nice and enthusiastic in introducing us their campus and culture; they even used their spare time to bring us around Manila, and they cared about us a lot.

The organization helps in building houses for the poor and helping them to legally own their homes. For the national government tourists are welcome, because they bring money to the country. Tropical countries like the Philippines are in many ways attractive for tourists. The sky is blue even when it is raining; the people are joyful even when they are sweating.

The more we desire, the farther we are away from real happiness. These can help guide the formulation of public policies, promote the importance of the tourism sector, and stimulate recognition of the contribution of private sector tourism operators in the socio-economic development of the nation.

Economics Today, tourism clearly offers excellent opportunities for economic growth as shown by the influx of foreign exchange earnings from tourism expenditures. Many of these small islands as well as the bigger islands, have a lot to offer to tourists. These led me to a deep reflection:To give information of how the “ It’s More Fun in the Philippines” slogan was created or invented.

To broaden the knowledge of the people about the new slogan campaign of the Department of Tourism. To know if the new slogan campaign is effective or not the tourism of the Philippines.

Philippines. Tourism in the Philippines Tourism in the Philippines is a major economic contributor to the Philippine economy.

The Philippines is an archipelagic country composed of 7, islands. It offers a rich biodiversity with its tropical rainforests, mountains, beaches, coral reefs, islands, and diverse range of flora and fauna, making it as one of the megadiverse countries in the world. Like any other industry in this country of Philippines, the hospitality and tourism industry has its fair share of responsibility in protecting and preserving the country's natural resources; and taking part in the improvement of current environmental concerns while sustaining economic growth.

Tourism in the Philippines

These can help guide the formulation of public policies, promote the importance of the tourism sector, and stimulate recognition of the contribution of private sector tourism operators in the socio-economic development of the nation. The Philippines consists of islands.

Most of the islands are very small. Philippine Tourism Essay The article talks about the positive things about the country, a marketing campaign for the Philippines, that rolls out the red carpet, primarily to foreign investors, and to tourists, in its attempt to attract them to pour investment in a growing economy and visit the country for its rich culture, attractive landscapes, and the people – warm, hospitable and friendly.

The Philippine tourism industry flourished in the s and early s but declined in the mid s, with the average length of tourist stay falling from 6 days in earlier years to 8. 9 days in Intourism growth was slower in the Philippines than in other Southeast Asian countries.

Tourism in philippine essay
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