Radon mitigation business plan

Identify funding and staff resources available for testing and mitigation. Radon test kits are commercially available [4] and can be used by homeowners, tenants and in limited cases by landlords, except when a property is for sale.

Managing Radon in Schools

Most homes can be fixed for about the same cost as other common home repairs, like painting or having a new hot water radon mitigation business plan installed. Retesting is also recommended if the building undergoes significant alteration.

Radon mitigation

Retesting is also recommended every ten years. Testing for radon in the air is accomplished using passive or active devices placed in the building.

Many states have implemented programs that affect home buying and awareness in the real estate community, however radon testing and mitigation systems are not generally mandatory unless specified by the local jurisdiction. Excessive exhaust fan operation Oversize or over-capacity air conditioners AC air handler fans that do not stop running when the air conditioner compressor stops running.

In many cases there are private contractors that will inspect hired by the city. As part of an effective IAQ management program, schools can take simple steps to test for radon and reduce risks to occupants if high radon levels are found.

Test according to your plan. Attend radon training to learn about radon and how to effectively test, mitigate and maintain radon reduction.

Public water supplies in the United States were required to treat for radionuclides beginning in but private wells are not regulated by the federal government as of [update]. Include on your team a trained radon professional; start by talking with your state radon program representative.

Normal settling of your house opens new entry routes and reopens old ones. Key Drivers and Strategies for Success Successful school IAQ management programs are works in progress, and most districts put the components of success in place over time.

In hot, humid climates, heat recovery ventilators HRV as well as energy recovery ventilators ERV have a record of increasing indoor relative humidity and dehumidification demands on air conditioning systems.

Above slab air pressure differential barrier technology ASAPDB requires that the interior pressure envelope, most often drywallas well as all ductwork for air conditioning systems, be made as airtight as possible.

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

Federal Radon Action Plan (FRAP)

Thus the occupants will be instructed not to open windows, etc. Houses are generally categorized according to their foundation design. Radon will naturally dissipate from water over a period of days, but the quantity of storage needed to treat the water in this manner makes home systems of this type impracticably large.

Thousands of classrooms nationwide have elevated radon levels, needlessly exposing hundreds of thousands of students and staff to this serious health risk. However, in the United States there are no regulations concerning radiation levels and disposal of radon treatment waste as of [update].

However, some US states, such as Maine where radon levels are higher than the national average, recommend all well water should be tested for radon.

Long-term kits, taking collections from 91 days to one year, are also available. Your state radon program can help you identify next steps and offer other guidance throughout the process of testing and mitigation. Many states certify or license radon contractors. Your costs may vary depending on the size and design of your home and which radon reduction methods are needed.

If you find high radon levels and need to mitigate, consider hiring a mitigation contractor. Testing should be done at least every two years or as required or recommended by state or local authority. Identify best practices that improve your process for future follow-up radon testing.

Experience has shown that ASD is applicable to most buildings since radon usually enters from the soil and rock underneath and MV is used when the indoor radon is emitted from the building materials.

Some techniques prevent radon from entering your home while others reduce radon levels after it has entered. Some states have restrictions on who can test or mitigate a school. Radon-in-water testing requires a water sample being sent to a laboratory. In limited cases the landlord or tenant s may do the testing themselves.

Share with parents and staff the link between radon and building operations, and encourage them to test their homes as the home is often the most significant source of radon exposure. Include teachers in your testing process to foster awareness and create support.

Test results which exceed accuracy tolerances also require re-testing. EPA suggests initial short-term testing in all frequently occupied, ground contact rooms.

Coordinate this effort with existing IAQ management program activities. Moreover, there may be children or immature teens or young adults in the house who will open a window for ventilation notwithstanding instructions not to do so, particularly in uncomfortably hot weather.

The primary benefit is reducing the risk of developing lung cancer.

Radon Mitigation

Track radon test results, assessment data and pending actions on a spreadsheet or in an electronic work order system to build awareness of emerging priorities so that facility maintenance can plan accordingly.Radon Mitigation If you have performed a follow-up test and the radon level needs to be reduced, you have several options.

If you want to hire a professional, qualified radon mitigation contractors are available across the country. This site reflects the status of the Federal Radon Mitigation Action Plan Work group, identifies all activities and outcomes to date. Radon Mitigation.

Radon mitigation is any process used to reduce radon gas concentrations in the breathing zones of occupied buildings, or radon from water supplies. Radon is. Jun 28,  · Write a business plan.

Raise the capital you need to start a radon testing business. Form a relationship with a radon mitigation business. Once your business is running, you may have certain customers with unsafe levels of radon in their home or business.

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The information here reflects the status of the Federal Radon Action Plan Workgroup, identifies all activities and outcomes to date, and provides a link to the draft Action Plan.

Radon mitigation business plan
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