Information systems coursework

Topics include variables, conditional execution, functions and methods, iteration, strings, files, and data structures. Whether one endeavors into a startup or large company, successfully incorporating innovation and entrepreneurship will propel a career in software development, consulting, financial services, and many others.

Topics include computer concepts e. This policy does not apply to students who have declared a School of Business minor and are earning required credit toward that minor. In-depth exposure to key tools, techniques, practices, and knowledge areas of project management will be applied to system implementation.

Students accepted as transfers to the IS program would normally be expected to complete the usual prerequisites and begin the Professional Core courses during the next available semester. Additionally, students will acquire essential skills of personal productivity tools through hands-on training in small classes.

Students are required to find an internship site that is related to healthcare and set up a semester long project from which they can gain hands-on experience in the areas of their concentration.


Tolls used in quality and risk management processes will be examined. It provides students with extensive experiences in formulating and executing SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate information from a relational database management system. Special instructions for School of Business students: Standards This course will be an introduction to healthcare information technology standards, including standards and regulations for documentation, and will cover health information standards.

Once a student has attempted a School of Business Core or Accounting major course twice unsuccessfully, they must meet with an academic advisor in order to receive an override to register for the third attempt. Students learn how IS healthcare projects affect organizations, doctors, patients, and chronic-illness treatments, as well as individuals interested in managing their own healthcare.

IT Management Best Practices: This course is a required professional core course for IS freshmen only.

Master of Information Systems

Most Carson College of Business courses are seven weeks long, and other non-business courses are in the traditional week format. This course is about information assessment and analysis in organizations, and the way organizations are transformed by technology. While widely available, not all programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats.

Further, ISOM graduates deliver seamless technology-enabled solutions for improving organizational processes and supply chains by integrating different business functions, collaborating with business units in defining requirements, identifying new IT-driven business opportunities, prototyping the solutions, and managing complex projects.

You will learn to collaborate with non-technical business people, assess organizational needs, and design information systems to meet those needs. For students in catalog years prior to Falla maximum of 6 credits of internship may apply to general electives.Coursework in information systems, software design, project management, or related job experience is strongly preferred, but not required due to the managerial, rather than technical, nature of the course.

Department of Information Systems and Operations Management. Welcome to a new year and a new beginning. The Department of Information Systems and Operations Management has grown significantly this past year. Information Systems Administration.

This specialization is for students wishing to focus on the professional administrative coupled with the technical skills needed to develop highly skilled IT decision makers. Management Information Systems Illinois Institute of Technology’s (IIT) Management Information Systems (MIS), a graduate degree or certificate program, includes coursework covering the management of information systems, the study of technology and how people use technology to be more successful in business and organizations.

This course covers the principles of managing information systems in the context of an enterprise. Topics include coverage of information technology in management, information systems in decision-making, planning of information systems, systems development, controls and security measures, and electronic commerce.

A typical course of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems could include coursework in programming, international technology, project management and economics. Earning a CIS degree can open opportunities to some of today’s fastest growing career tracks.

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Information systems coursework
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