Importance of five objective quality speed dependbility flexibility and cost

Flexibility Flexible operations are operations that can configure the product lines to deal with various requirements and to also adjust these product lines quickly to new requirements. The latter is also closely related to the speed objective. Costs This objective looks at how much variation there is in the unit cost of a product as measured by changes in a variety of factors, including the volume and the variety of the products.

The most common method is to look at its gross or net profit. Cisco has TAC Technical Assistance Center team who support customers in troubleshooting as well as new deployment support. After defining its corporate strategy, a company will identify the relevant operational performance objectives to measure and configure the environment, to enable the objectives to be accomplished.

Mix of products and services flexibility. Today, Cisco solutions are the networking foundations for service providers, small to medium business and enterprise customers which includes corporations, government agencies, utilities and educational institutions.

Quality increases speed, Quality as an objective does not only have external impact like customer satisfaction, it also has internal impact when sorting out quality problem that might distract the firm from giving attention to other parts of the operation which might result on delaying the production and the selling process and affect the overall speed of the operations.

Products that feature a greater variety tend to sport lower volumes and higher unit costs and vice versa.

Objectives of Operational Performance

Speed Speed as an operations objective reflects how fast the firm can respond to customer requests. This objective will be concerned with such issues as the time that it takes to manufacture and process one or more products of the company or the time that it takes to research a new product and develop it.

Is the measure by which it is said that the product or service is meeting customer expectation. The aim is to speed up response, ensure dependability of delivery, and reduce costs through minimizing total inventory across the whole system Fowler, Speed reduces inventory, Fast operations cycles reduce the time between customer request and product delivery and hence increase the overall revenue of the firm.

This is where operational performance comes in. Dependability reduces cost, Additional costs might apply when an item is not delivered on time, the firm either quickly request this item with higher price, or it will delay the production which will affect the revenue.

You may have a situation in which your net income is increasing, but so are the operating expenses; or, the gross profit stays the same, year in and year out, but the operating expenses steadily increase.

And hence two points should be taken into consideration: Ultimately, this affects the price of the product, the costs of producing it, and the profits to be obtained from that product.

This essay will focus on the second point, which is Operations Performance Objectives. These are both bad scenarios, and can easily be missed by focusing only on the gross and net incomes of a business. The more enhanced operations cycles, the faster the firm can respond, the higher customer satisfaction then the more likely they will buy again.

A company should be able to produce different quality product varieties and also adapt its operations to suit different market conditions and delivery schedules. Introduction This essay aims to analyze and discuss the five objectives of Operations Management, i. The operating expenses consist of the selling expenses, the administrative expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Dependability Dependability or sometimes referred as Reliability is reflecting whether the firm can deliver its products or services on the exact time when they were needed by the customer or at least when they were promised by the firm. Is reflecting the time between the customer request and product or service delivery.

Operations and Business Strategy Most organizations expect operations to be involved in implementing, supporting and driving business strategy.The strategic role and objectives of operations Source: Honda Motor Company through its performance at the five competitive objectives Quality Being RIGHT Speed Being FAST Quality Flexibility Speed Cost Dependability External and internal benefits On-specification products and services.

Volume flexibility Delivery flexibility #5 Speed #1 Costs One major operations objective, especially where companies compete with price is 'cost' Cost advantages: by finding appropriate costs to produce goods and services whilst still. May 04,  · This essay aims to analyze and discuss the five objectives of Operations Management, i.e.

cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility for the operations function of Cisco Systems About Cisco Systems. Operations Management Objectives Cost Quality Speed Dependability And Flexibility. Marketing & Service innovations 4.

Operations and management improvement 5.

Welfare and motivation to employees (b) implement any change in strategy; (10 marks) (c) develop his operation so that it drives the long-term strategy of the hotel. Operations Performance- COSTS, SPEED, FLEXIBILITY, QUALTIY and DEPENDABILITY - Transformation to Organizational Excellence Karin RheederOperations PerformanceIALMBA By.

Operation Management Objectives

Cost is a major operations objective so they can compete on price. The lower the cost of creating and delivering services & products, the lower can be the price to their customers. Low cost is a universally attractive objective.

Importance of five objective quality speed dependbility flexibility and cost
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