Impact of ict on atms

However with improvements of the quality of services, the important question appears if this process can provide the economic values for banks?

One of the most important reasons why interviewing is preferred in most cases is that it gives the analyst the opportunity to follow up certain answers.

As with every other technological breakthrough the ATMs have generated astronomical challenges and problems for the beneficiaries of financial services in Nigeria.

The Impact,Advantages of Using Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Nigeria Banking Industry

The skills of the perpetrators in modifying the packaging of skimming devices makes them very difficult for the untrained observer to detect. ATM card entry slot skimmers have various shapes and sizes and also vary in sophistication.

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An ATM, by the way, is a machine that allows you to do banking transactions from a remote computer-operated terminal. ATM card is about the size of a normal credit card and apart from the need to ensure its safety, its surface strips could be mutilated which may make the machine to reject it even though the PIN number is entered correctly.

The achievements, goals, profit and attainment of banking sector depends largely on the proper management and technology such as ATM adopted in the banking activities. With massive sensitization campaigns by the banks for all levels, this issue of ignorance in the use of ATMs will be addressed.

Authentication is provided by the customer entering a personal identification number PIN.

History Prior to the invention of the ATM people had to visit a bank or other financial institution to do their banking. This allow customers to drive up and complete financial transaction without ever leaving the safety of their belongings.

An ATM machine authenticates the card by reading and verifying the magnetic strip, card number, expiration date, and an already provided or pre-selected PIN number.

The ATM transactions are done through over the phone line via internet connection lease line. In this article, we will address a number of topics including the types of services provided by full service banks, technological changes and the use and important of automated teller machine and fringe banking services.

You can even use your credit card and get cash advances from a number of ATMS if you are willing to pay the fee. It therefore encourages a cashless society. Similarly to the use of cameras, the keyboard overlay may transmit the information to a remote receiver or store the information locally.

Consequently, the need for easy access to cash in an emergency or unforeseen situation especially in an African society like ours where relatives breeze in unannounced, amongst other reasons makes the use of ATM a must in the Nigerian society.

It showed that ATMs were tested or tried out usually before steady usage. Video of the Day Transactions When you visit an ATM you are able to perform almost every transaction that you can inside of the bank. ATM technology allows customers carry out the above-mentioned transactions using an ATM card, which could be a debit or a credit card.

Banks tend to utilize this electronic banking device, as all others for competitive advantage. Once access is gained, it offers several retail banking services to customers.

You can find them in grocery stores, airport terminals, convenience stores, gambling casinos, movie theaters, shopping malls, gas stations, and many more locations.presented. In [3], a technical model that to ascertain the impact of ICT on the Nigerian banking sector as a function of banking reforms was proposed.

Some benchmarks for evaluating the impact of ICT in the banking industry were outlined in [4]. These benchmarks will be used to evaluate the impact of ICT on the Nigerian banking.

The Effects of ICT on Society: ICT has had many impacts upon our lives both for the better and for the worse. Use of ATM's have reduced the need for bank cashiers. ATM's reduce the need for bank cashiers.

4. Office Work. Traditional office work such as typists and filers have been replaced by computers.

The Impact of the Automated Teller Machine

This study investigates the effects of ATM on the performance of Nigerian banks. Available studies have concentrated on the significant dimensions of ATM (automated teller machine) service quality and its effect on customer satisfaction with a bias against ATM producers.

Jegede. "Effects of Automated Teller Machine on the Performance. THE IMPACT OF AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN ACCESS BANK. Background of the Study Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are devices used by bank customers to process account transactions.

Typically, a user inserts into the ATM a special plastic card that is encoded with information on a magnetic strip. The Impact,Advantages of Using Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Nigeria Banking Industry The business of banking is basically about efficient service delivery.

Consequently, the introduction of facilities that enhance the delivery of banking services in a cost-effective manner is always a welcome development. The study is a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of ICT on the banking industry (a case study of FIRST CAPITAL PLUS).

Three categories of variables that relate to the adoption and implementation of information technology devices were used for the study.

Impact of ict on atms
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