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Our team looks terrible. By then, Forbes Field seemed terribly run down and out of date. That season the Pirates won their first World Series title. Vestiges of Forbes Field, however, have survived.

Special thanks to Glenn E. Pittsburgh entered the game with a 3—6 record, but went on to set multiple team records, including scoring nine touchdowns, to win the game 63—7. The right-field screen was added in That day arrived in the late s when plans for the new multi-purpose Three Rivers Stadium were unveiled.

Like many other boys, playing baseball was an important part of my life from a young age until late high school. Aerial view of Forbes Field in the s courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh. At that time Forbes Field was on the Pitt campus and owned by the university.

In the later game Al Oliver hit the last home run in the park, and Matty Alou drove in two runs as the Pirates closed the year-old stadium with a 4—1 victory. This occurred to honor recently deceased presidents of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Boston Doves.

It should be noted that the book provides much information about the Pittsburgh Steelers, the University of Pittsburgh Panthers, and the black baseball teams who also played in Forbes Field.

With an Introduction and History by Len Martin. I went on one or two more of those bus trips in succeeding years, and I loved every minute of those experiences.

I was not able to attend those games, but later I was able to actually walk on the field several times after the beloved ballpark was closed.

Babe Ruth stroked the last three home runs of his career at Forbes Field on Saturday, May 25, in front of about 10, fans. Two unassisted triple plays were turned at Forbes Field. Dreyfuss declared, "This is indeed the happiest day of my life.

A community group attempted to rescue the structure from demolition, proposing such things as a stage, apartments and a farmers market for the site and comparing it to the Eiffel Tower in significance.

Pittsburgh prize fighters, including Harry Greb, Fritzie Zivic, and Billy Conn, fought in its ring many times in matches promoted by, among others, Steeler founder and owner Art Rooney.

We have moved the Bullpen over to a new temporary server and a new permanent type of setup. Before the Three Rivers demolition, the section of the wall was salvaged, and in it was restored and placed on the Riverwalk outside of PNC Park.

Demolition began on July 28, The Dodgers won the game 8—2 the following day. However, some estimates place the cost at twice that amount. The proud Dreyfuss had not intention of being about to be one-upped.

Through the years, the stadium went through renovations that expanded the grandstands, added seating, and changed the field dimensions. Marine made of wood stood against the left-field wall, just to the right of the scoreboard. The bottoms of the light-tower cages in left-center, center, and right-center were in play, as was the bottom of the center-field flagpole.Forbes Field: Essays and Memories of the Pirates' Historic Ballpark, by David Cicotello This volume presents a detailed look at Forbes Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates for 62 seasons.

Get this from a library! Forbes Field: essays and memories of the Pirates' historic ballpark, [David Cicotello; Angelo Joseph Louisa;] -- "From its construction through the final game on June 28, this volume presents a detailed look at the history and background of Forbes Field, home to the Pittsburgh Pirates for 62 seasons.

In the s, Forbes Field was the first stadium to pad its hard outfield walls for players' safety. Yet, in more than 4, games played over sixty-two years, there was one piece of history Forbes Field could never claim: no one ever hurled a no-hitter within its confines. Forbes Field.

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