Field study 6 episode 1

His mother motivates him through helping him with his assignments and projects. What are these rules? What ere these rules? He likes to draw all of his favorite cartoon characters when he has free time.

So that he will not be spoiled. During the pregnancy of the mother, there are times that she suffered fever, and colds. How do you provide a nurturing environment for your child?

Do you have rules in the house? That is how they do to impose the rules. Yes he is also allowed to go out with his friends. It was his family who took care of the child until his parents separated her mother is the one who took care of him from that moment until now.

Do you have rules at home to help him develop good study habits? She can also easily get tired even doing little things. Mayapa Elementary School Date of Birth: The child only had fever, coughs and colds. Ailments or health problems of the learner as a child: He finds Math a little bit difficult.

His playmates or play groups considered are his neighbors and his classmates. Emotional Moral What are your expectations of your child? The mother can monitor his performance by asking the child what happened the whole day and by asking the results of quizzes when they have.

Yes they have rules in the house such as: Yes the child goes to his mother whenever he has a problem in school or with his friends. He is good in some subjects, especially Filipino. What are the consequences of breaking the rules?Who can help me to answer field study 2 episode 4 the new taxonomy of educational objectives?

please I really really need help. source: Can someone help me answer field study 2 episode 4 the new taxonomy of educational objectives.

Field Study 6: Episode 1 1. EPISODE 1: THE TEACHER AS A PERSON Prepared By: ICL Team 2. AM I THIS PERSON?

3. Field study 1 will help us to be competent in determining a school environment that provides social, psychological and physical environment supportive of learning. It contains six episodes. Episode 1 which is the School as a Learning Environment focused on determining a school environment that provides social, psychological, and physical.

Aug 30,  · He started to walk at around 11 months old and started to talk some words like “pa” and “ma” when he was 1 year old.

At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in clarifying your values about teaching and in articulating and demonstrating one’s personal philosophy of teaching.

The end goal is to be a positive role model for students. This paper is originally of MARK LEO HAPITAN of Capiz State University - Dumarao Satellite College.

Field study 6 episode 1
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