Ethics 101 final

Ethics 101 final T-Bear permalink June 1, Recalling, out of a serendipitous education from a class in sociology, several definitions which have stood in good stead over the intervening years that may assist here. Anyone want to take a stab? Thanks to Lisa for sending the link to me via email.

June 2, Excellent post and great comments, this is a lot of food for thought. Much to be greatly disappointed about with humanity, especially given the wondrous things it might be capable of. Maybe this will further the discussion in finding from sociology some basic commonly used terms.

It is the greatness of being human to which we owe our abilities. Thou shalt not do X because we have to define outgroups, because God said so, that kind of thing. The bonds of family, the love for people you know well, are not necessary to explain this behaviour.

It has been years since these definitions have been remarked so they may have rusticated somewhat, they still serve through their principles a discerning ability between those closely related and often misapplied terms.

We are mistaken to think that we act from our own greatness. Morals are standards of behavior founded in beliefs including religion e. Ian Welsh permalink May 31, Not that I Ethics 101 final remember. As you might guess from that definition, I approve of ethics but not so much of morals.

Individuals are but a thin film spread over the greatness of being human. This completely unconstitutional, fascist police state mentality, that the police can invade privacy at any degree they wish to enforce the law, fills this presentation given by police in cooperation with the principal of the local indoctrinating school.

I know we disagree on occasion but I respect your tenacity and fire and share many, if not most of you sentiments. There is more personal and political advantage there than love.

Now it may be that politicians to some extent do help out buddies because they are fond of them. Wealthy and powerful people, by acting in concert and giving each other advantages at a personal level, can actually bend the overall playing field in a way a normal group of middle class friends cannot.

We must reach out to police as politely as necessary, and urge them to question laws, not follow unconstitutional orders, and to think for themselves.

They say they can go into the houses of kids on probation at any time of night, and search through all of their belongings. It is possible for middle class or poor individuals to gain personal advantage by banding together—but it takes a lot more of them and requires rather longer term thinking, long term thinking they have less luxury to indulge in any case.

The police warn that they can confiscate electronics, phones, laptops without a permit, keep them for as long as they wish, and retrieve any data they want to prosecute the kids. They were electing these legislators based on promises of national legislative effort. Religion can serve as a resting place for morality and ethics, in the sense that ethics must be irrationally held.

Your discussion regarding the definition, Ian, is well said and resonates with a major breakdown in our governance that has been a burr under my saddle for a long time and which no one ever talks about.

Not sure I fully agree with the explanations of morals vs ethics as immediate relationships vs. Mores are standards of behavior founded in social customs and traditions e. Purple Library Guy permalink May 31, I find the actual distinction being drawn interesting and useful, I like the argument.

If human society as a whole is corrupt, what else can we reach to other than God or some higher power?

Ethics 101: The Difference Between Ethics and Morals

Now that the elitists and politicians are destroying our constitutional right to privacy among many other rights, we citizens must stand up for our rights and wake the police up to what they are doing, and let it be known that we will not stand for it.Discussion of John Maxwell's book Ethics The initial dialog for Ethics in Business for CTE Business Administration classes.

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Nontheistic religions focus on ethics instead of a God.

Philosophy Intro to Philosophy Final Free Practice Test Instructions The videos on accomplish in 5 minutes what would. Free Essay: Ethnic Studies Final 1. When discussing stereotypes and race, it is important to recognize how insignificant skin color is.

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For-Profit Ethics Ethics is a word we all hear often, whether it’s on the news, in class or at work, ethics is associated with the way people act. Being ethical is similar to being right or wrong. Being ethical is similar to being right or wrong.

Ethics 101 final
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