Development of syllabuses in schools essay

Three conceptions or ways of thinking about RE In democratic and multi-faith societies, the relevance of state-controlled or public school RE often comes up for debate because, unlike other school curriculum subjects, RE has many interest groups and is perceived differently by these groups.

This means that the two syllabuses include very little material from the three other religions recognised by the Ministry of Education through the CDC, namely: They are included in our material as a reflection of a diversity of views and a variety of issues.

These pupils should not be forced to learn how to practice Christianity because their constitutional religious freedoms or rights will be violated. Clearly, the existing high school RE syllabuses cannot meet these educational needs because they were designed to cater for the needs of the late s and 80s.

So the high school RE syllabuses are outdated, almost irrelevant to learners in modern Zambian society, and in need of urgent revision or complete replacement. Similarly, Syllabus has the following stages: In other words, it is the responsibility of our many Christian churches to do outside school hours what Fr.

Involvement in sports, recreational activities or other forms of physical fitness offer a method of stress relief. Physical health and education informs students on sound eating practices and the essential guidelines for nutrition. However, there are a few Zambians, including some Ministry of Education officials, RE teacher educators or trainers, and professionally-minded teachers of the subject whose views are either in line with the second conception or the third.

For the older pupils therapeutic exercises were still the main emphasis. In addition, the team-building process enhances communication skills, and the skills required to get along and cooperate with students of varying ethnic backgrounds and personalities.

Regular Fitness Activity Physical fitness is an important component to leading a healthy lifestyle. With regard to RE, the policy document recommends the teaching of moral and spiritual values and not Christian values specifically. A team of syllabus teachers also tried to revise the syllabus, but their work does not meet the requirements of the current national education policy, Educating Our Future, and their revised material has not been recognised by the Examinations Council of Zambia.

The First World War also improved the social status of women. Teachers will typically learn about: Present situation, African tradition, Church history and Bible teaching. Together with other subjects, RE is supposed to contribute to the production of learners who are mature, critical, innovative, and problem-solvers.

A generation of young men was almost totally wiped out. Karas referred to in his discussion in the last issue of The Challenge magazine. But, on its own, the subject is expected to produce learners who are animated by a personally held set of civic, moral, and spiritual values.

Women proved that they could cope with demanding physical work and this afforded them more equality. To make matters worse, some of our teachers make little or no effort to teach the subject in an innovative manner.

There are basically three conceptions or ways of thinking about RE which tend to influence our views on the relevance of the subject to society. The promotion and protection of morals and traditional values recognized by the community shall be the duty of the State. Karas is right in observing that the current Grade 12 RE examination in both and puts more emphasis on memorisation of bible passages than anything else.

The Grade 12 Examination Fr. High school students retain a higher level of knowledge related to overall health that help them make educated decisions regarding their own health, safety and well-being. As a result of the two world wars, women and children were able to prove their importance, enabling them to increase their value within the community.

Every individual may freely, take part in the cultural life of his community. All subject syllabuses are therefore supposed to be revised in line with this recommendation. The syllabus is perhaps one of the most significant syllabuses developed as a result of the way in which children were viewed.

It is true that mere memorisation of biblical facts without understanding and putting them into practice cannot be taken to be beneficial to our school leavers.Business engagement and development.

Supplying to us. Jobs and opportunities. Strategies and reports. Educational data. Using school facilities. Implementation of new syllabuses in Year 8; For schools delivering the hour course in either Year.

We invite teachers to continue to contribute to the development of the EL curriculum in our primary and secondary schools in Singapore.

English is the medium of instruction in our schools as well as a subject of study for all primary and secondary school ENGLISH LANGUAGE SYLLABUS (PRIMARY & SECONDARY) RESTRICTED. Is Zambian Religious Education relevant to society? Summary & Comment: The existing RE syllabuses cater for the needs of previous generations.

The Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Development Centre ought to replace syllabuses and with a completely new and more up-to-date syllabus, the author concludes. School Based Syllabuses provide an opportunity for schools to develop a course that is not • The syllabus must encourage the development of critical and conceptual thinking guide and specimen papers have been developed, these are then again reviewed by IB staff.

Introductory training

the Examinations Council of Lesotho and Cambridge International Examinations Background The Cambridge Overseas School Certificate (COSC) taken at the end of secondary school in These syllabuses were introduced in Lesotho schools in Januaryfor before Lesotho subject panels can produce syllabuses and examination papers that.

Importance of Physical Education in High School font size Physical education in high school is essential to the development of motor skills and the enhancement of reflexes.

Hand-eye coordination is improved, as well as good body movements, which helps in the development of a .

Development of syllabuses in schools essay
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