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Effective leaders possess an accurately structured system of the ideas based on the knowledge and the system of values, which can be completely and without difficulties perceived by followers. My tasks include timely paying of taxes, reporting to the state authorities, clients, and partners of the company, watching a state of the account of the enterprise, and reducing the balance to the uniform indicator.

Participative leadership is talking with employees to get their opinions and suggestions and achievement-oriented leadership involves setting goals, seeking performance improvements, rewarding excellence in performance, and showing confidence the employees can obtain high standards.

There are leadership substitutes who provide successful performance of set tasks if a leader is absent.

Compare and Contract Theories When looking at all the contingency theories of effective leadership, we can see that most of these theories are based on the employees trusting the leader, along with the leader giving the employee the space they need to do their job.

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Determining Your Perfect Position Essay

There are three theories that may affect my decision to be an effective leader, and they are the path-goal theory, situational leadership theory and the leadership substitute theory.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is an advantage to assist you in improving your personality.

Determining Your Perfect Position Paper Essay

Supportive leadership is giving consideration to the needs of employees by displaying concern for their well being, along with creating a friendly environment to work in. Leaders can set down with employees to set goals in order to find where the employee is more likely to excel in their employee positions.

I would also consider the fact that my being friendly towards employees has limitations. Drawing up of accounting policies of the organization. There are similarities and minor differences between each contingency theory. Some of these theories do talk about the leader having more of a watch on the employees when it comes to task and the maturity of the employee as in the situational theory.

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Some people define charisma as a set of specific leader qualities. That is why different leaders have different leadership styles. There are three styles of leadership: A democratic leadership style does not interfere with the activity of the collective, a possibility of the individual and collective creativity.

Modern Leadership Theories The theory of attributive democratic leadership The given concept is based on the theory of attribution, explaining relationship of the cause and effect between what occurred and what people consider the reason of the occurred. This work demands not only serious vocational training, but also a necessary qualification and leadership qualities.

Christine trusts that employees will make up for her defaults. The task can provide automatic feedback to the employee for example when a person makes commission on their job.

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Christine Alward has a lot of strengths to bring to the table that will help our company grow. Leadership substitute theory is another theory in leadership.

After considering my strengths and weaknesses, leadership style, level of expertise, education, and knowledge based on the extent experience with the company, the perfect position for me would be is Operations manager.

This restructuring is going to bring about changes with positions held within the company. Leadership is an administrative relationship between the head and subordinates, based on the effective combination of various sources of the power directed at the motivation of people to achieve common goals.Determining Your Perfect Position Paper Wilbert J.

Acevedo Collazo LDR/ July, 5, Prof. Maria Gaudier DETERMINING YOUR PERFECT POSITION PAPER Introduction Pan Pepin is expanding and every leader has been given the opportunity to self-assessment to find the position that best suits their abilities in order to benefits the company.

During the analysis will discuss my leadership style with its. Determining Your Perfect Position Paper This restructuring is going to bring about changes with positions held within the company. One of the major changes will be Christine Alward will be taking a position as Department Manager of the Customer Service Department.

Determining Your Perfect Position. Leaders motivate people who work or follow them, and this establishes the ambiance for the most aspect of what they do - Determining Your Perfect Position introduction.

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Leadership is an essential quality of a manager. Determining Your Perfect Position Essay. Determining Your Perfect Position Brian Watson University of Phoenix LDR/ Matt Hazlett Good leaders inspire the individuals who work for or follow them, and this relationship sets the stage for the purpose of what management is supposed to do.

Determining Your Perfect Position LDR March 4, Ali Yallah Determining Your Perfect Position My current company Dream Weavers (DW) is an exclusive event planning company. DW is currently expanding and restructuring their staff in preparation of future growth.

Determining Your Perfect Position LDR/ December 24, Stefanie Hopson Determining Your Perfect Position The development of an organization within the construction industry is a continual process influenced by the economy, client demands, technological and .

Determining your perfect position essay
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