Customer satisfaction towards hotel service quality tourism essay

The constant increase of demand of touristic services, and the request for higher standards by the guests, has enforced the competition among hospitality suppliers and highlighted how the attractivity of the touristic destination is influenced by the standards of the services provided by the local hotels.

Research provides evidence about the importance of staff, particularly front line ones, in shaping quality of tourism service. Service companies sometimes use marketing research, such as surveys and focus groups, as a means of discovering customer needs and expectations.

If a service is not used when available, then the service capacity is lost Edgett and Parkinson, The evaluation and remuneration system used by the organisation also plays a part in employee performance. Mill identifies the aim of service quality as being able to ensure a satisfied customer.

Excitement characteristics are unexpected attributes that, when provided, generate disproportionately high levels of customer enthusiasm and satisfaction. The various factors mentioned in the latter do have their limitations, i. Heterogeneity Services are subject to degrees of variability as they are performances that are frequently produced by humans Zeithaml and Bitner, We will write a custom essay sample on Customer Satisfaction or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Oliver developed the theory which proposes that the level of satisfaction is considered as the outcome of difference among the performance as expected and perceived.

A physical setting is set to be place in order by the service provider to project an image that a quick and efficient service is being provided to the customers.

The technical quality is the actual outcome of the service while the functional quality is all about the process that has been undergone to deliver the outcome.

Among the service industries tourism is especially significant in terms of its sensitivity to quality issues and in fact, service quality is one of the goal tourism policy issues in the light of the rapid growth of the industry.

Customer Satisfaction

By providing high service quality, hotels can therefore enjoy long term profitability and customer satisfaction. The conflicts which sometimes arise among departments can be attributed to such differences.

It will be an essential condition for success in the emerging, keenly competitive, global hospitality markets.

Services are delivered according to the needs and wants of customers so as to enhance their holiday experience. In application on the airlines industries, there has been occurred so many research studies through which attributes are examined which are found out by the passenger as significant in relation to the satisfaction of customer.

Researchers have proven that providing good service quality to customers retains them, attracts new ones, enhances corporate image, positive word-of-mouth recommendation and above all guarantees survival and profitability. Application of service quality and customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry Service Quality in Hotel Industry When we talk about hospitality, we must also talk about quality issues to provide a quality hospitality product.

It has been concluded by Luo and Homburg that the profitability of the business can be affected by the satisfaction of customer positively. About this resource This Business essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

This type of system stimulates employees to take care of customer needs rather than focus solely on sales or profits. The tourism industry has faced a drastic growth in the past years. While the future importance of delivering quality hospitality service is easy to discern and to agree on, doing so presents some difficult and intriguing management issues.

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Mauritius — level of service quality and customer satisfaction provided by a five-star hotel Introduction Mauritius is a very small island situated in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, approximately 2, km off the south east coast of Africa.

Specifications like these can be very important in providing quality service as long as they are tied to the needs expressed by customers.A typical example of this type of model is: quality of product or service leads to customer satisfaction, which leads to customer loyalty, which leads to profitability.

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Service Quality Essay The Importance of Service Quality and the Evaluation of Meeting Customer Expectations.

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INTRODUCTION. Customer research literature traditionally agrees that service quality is a measure of how well the service level delivered matches customer expectations. The conclusion has been drawn by Choi and Chu () that the top factors of airline industries which can determine the satisfaction of the airline passenger are: the quality of the staff, schedule planning, values, productivity, price of ticket etc.

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in Hilton Hotel: In the past, tourism has been often. The Influence of a Hotel Quality of Service and Image and its Effect on Tourism Customer Loyalty Words | 7 Pages Analysis of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction, and Its Influence on Customer Loyalty.

Service Quality in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Essay example - There are so many research studies that have been conducted relating to service quality and customer satisfaction as this topic has been the centre of attraction in the service industries.

Customer satisfaction towards hotel service quality tourism essay
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