Culture impacing decision making

All these food items are prepared using recipes brought over from Greece and handed down through the generations of Greek families.

GYRO is a meat that is made from lamb, spiced beef and veal pressed to make a large slab. Honey drenched donuts are called Loukoumades and the Diples, which are like a funnel cake only dipped in warm honey are my favorite. Everyone treats everyone like a part of his or her family and there are hugs Culture impacing decision making other physical displays of affection found everywhere.

The Greek population all attend services at this cathedral and the rituals and traditions are carried on and passed down from generation to generation. No one is a stranger at this festival and once someone has been there he or she now will realize he or she is a part of the culture and traditions of the Greek Church and the Greek Culture impacing decision making in Steubenville, Ohio.

I think this is a wonderful tradition because this ritual will not be lost as the young people grow and mature. While I have attended this festival every year since I was in eighth grade, I still am fascinated by the sense of family that is felt at this event.

The GYRO meat is shaved thin and put in a pita bread pocked and topped with lettuce, tomatoes and a cucumber sauce. You can always pick out the Greek people at the festival. Plaki or baked cod is the favorite fish dish and a lamb stew and the famous Souzoukaki meatballs and Loukaniko Grecian sausage are additional choices on the menu.

One of my best friends in high school belongs to this church and every year she and I meet for an evening of eating, dancing and catching up at the festival. Cookies such as the Kourambiedes and Koulourakie are found here and are all buttery flavored cookie dough either rolled in walnuts or pistachio nuts or then drizzled with honey.

Baklava, a pistachio and walnut mix layered in filo dough and covered in honey is another delicacy. Dark skin, thick curly hair and dark eyes are traits of most of the Grecians.

When the dancers are finished with their performance they go out into the crowd and bring up spectators and teach them the steps of the dances. There is entertainment each night of the festival with the Greek Company providing the music and the dancers performing traditional Greek dances complete with traditional costumes.

There are many sweets to sample at the festival, too. The women are responsible to cook, clean and keep a home for the males of the society, but the men protect and watch over the women and children.

After attending the festival I choose to read more about the Greek culture and the traditions to get more familiar with the culture. Marriages are arranged so as not to dilute the heritage and there are even brides sent from Greece to marry the eligible bachelors of Steubenville, OH.

I was surprised to find that the United States is home to the largest Greek Diaspora population in the world. A Diaspora is a community or enclave of Greek families in foreign The lamb is served over the traditional rice pilaf a is the chicken.

The dancers are children of the church whose study of the Greek culture includes the music and dance of Greece. My favorite is the GYRO sandwich.

Most important at the festival is the food. Each year for about four days, the members of the church block off the streets surrounding their church and a festival including singing, dancing, Greek food delights and other cultural events specific to the Greek people in my town ensues.

Ouzo, the potent Greek liquor flows in abundance but one sip of this is enough for anyone not experience with this strong liquor. Legs of lamb and chickens turn slowly on big spits over hot braziers of glowing charcoal.

Greek Culture and Traditions

The Greeks favor vegetables in their diet and Moussaka a dish made with grilled eggplant slices and Spanakopita, filo dough filled with spinach and feta cheese are a favorite of my mother but not me.

Evidence of this is seen at the festival where the women are in the kitchen cooking and plating the food, while the men serve then socialize with their friends and family.

The congregation of this church is very old and stable. The women are very ethic looking but in a most beautiful and sensuous way. As in most of the Eastern European cultures, the Greeks are very protective of their women.Running Head: GREEK CULTURE AND TRADITIONS Greek Culture and Traditions University of Akron June 13, I recently attended a festival at the Greek Orthodox Church in my hometown.

Culture impacing decision making
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