Cinderella man essay questions

What happens when Jim goes to the relief office for money?

When Mae confronts Joe at his house what does she find out? An example of this is when Braddock walks to Madison Square Garden and a mother is shown urging her sons to get out of the car and collect pieces of wood. The next thing it showed was poverty, and how desperate people are. What does he do to get his kids back?

People looked up to Jim, because he was at the top before, and then he was standing in a bread line, and then fought his way back to the top. Why or why not? I saw a really good example that reflected the poverty of the Depression, and that was the Hooverville scene.

He works at the docks, his broken hand. What type of job does Braddock work during the Great Depression? Where does he go for additional money to get the heat back on? He meets a person who knew him. List and describe 2 examples from the movie. What is the final result of the championship bout between Jim Braddock and Max Baer?

What did Braddock use as motivation to help win his boxing matches throughout the film? What does she realize while she is there? Wilson mentions that there are shacks in Central Park.

Why does Braddock become upset when he finds out his wife sent the kids away to her family? They both lost money in the stock market. He gets upset because Mae said she promised not to send them away and they are the reason he continues to fight to survive.

I think that it was an accurate reflection of the Great Depression.Chinese Cinderella Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for Chinese Cinderella is a great resource to ask questions, find. Cinderella Man Study Guide Questions. 1. Briefly describe the following aspects of Jim Braddock’s life in the beginning of the film BEFORE the Great Depression.

Boxing Career/ Reputation: Famous boxer, James Braddock. Cinderella Man - Cinderella Man is a flim based on the rise of World Championship boxer James Braddock. Braddock's life was affected heavily by the great depression, and the film does well to show this.

Cinderella Man matches in Cinderella Man are by far the best ever replicated on the big screen. People today now require more realistic movies and the boxing in.

Essay on The Great Depression and the Cinderella Man Words | 4 Pages. Cinderella Man came out in the yearit is a non fiction movie directed by Ron Howard.

Cinderella Man – Viewing guide questions Poverty in America Directions: Answer the following questions as you watch the movie. Please note that the questions are not in .

Cinderella man essay questions
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