Child care level 2 unit 1

In your setting, the first impressions you make are always extremely important. A nursery for instance has a very diverse and inclusive environment; they accept all children regardless of their gender, race, background, physical abilities and religious beliefs which is extremely beneficial in this day and age.

In many cases, any unusual mark has a reasonable explanation such as; the child was running around their home, fell and bumped their head on the floor or a hard object. A nursery helps to get children into a routine of a classroom.

It is important to value each child as an individual, understanding their individual needs and learning styles will help their learning and in a way that best suits them which can be done by recognizing how a child best learns and retains information in their setting for example: A playgroup is quite different to a nursery but they still have their similarities.

As well as religion, different back grounds and languages can be used to show diversity and inclusion throughout the setting, for example when children gather for quiet time or group time, they may sing nursery rhymes with the children, children speaking a different language such as polish, can be encouraged to sing the same song in their mother tongue to the class so they are included into the activity.

Confidentiality means practitioners should not talk about any children, families or staff outside of placement. When preparing for placement you should ensure you are fully aware of your setting; B1: Settings have their own confidentiality agreements copy of an example provided.

An example of a statutory provision for children of years would be a GP. Nurseries often have designated times for different activities and helps the children learn the patience for sitting still and listening in a group.

Childcare Level 2 Unit 1 Assignment

Visual learners benefit from a variety of ocular stimulation. If any information is stored electronically then it should always be password protected with a high security password and which will only be known by authorised personal. The best way in a nursery to make everyone know that the course is exactly what you want is to get in to the placement 15 or 20 minutes early, sit down talk to your supervisor so that when the parents come you are ready to stand there with a smile and greet them.

If they need medical help the first aider must always wear gloves regardless of what has happened. It is extremely important to ensure confidentiality so that no staff, child or family member gets excluded in any situation.

It also allows children to learn new things in a fun environment and at their own pace.

Unit 1 Cache Childcare Level 2 Essay - Part 2

For example; if a child is HIV positive no body needs to know this information. The papers should be stored in a locked filing cabinet or cupboard with a key that only the staff can use.

Adults are trying to teach children that no matter how different an individual looks or acts, everybody is equal and everybody should be accepted, everyday people learn to be inclusive and accept any individual.

I am a visual learner and my learning style is most enjoyable when it comes to being in my placement setting because I can watch the children play whilst learning at the same time. An example of a statutory provision for children under 5 years is a nursery. Teaching children about different countries and languages is a good way to get them to accept other individuals.

As well as teachers and other health care professionals such as nurses and psychologists. Further support and guidance is provided for the mother by the midwife while she recovers from birth. When studying it is helpful for students to use different coloured highlighters or pens as they are reading or taking notes.

A GP does regular checks to ensure the child is well and healthy.CACHE Level 2 Child Care and Education Unit 1 An introduction to working with children Childcare settings Setting Purpose Age range Childminders Care and education for children in the childminder’s.

Unit 1 Cache Childcare Level 2 - Part 2. Unit 1 Assignment - Unit 1 Cache Childcare Level 2 introduction. Introduction. In my assignment I will be looking at an introduction to working with children, which will include showing a positive attitude, showing diversity and inclusive practice while working with children, and the policies and regulations that.

Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care, Children and Young People Unit 11 Concern of a child in you care The Negative Effects of Child Care on Child Development. A child with learning difficulties, physical disabilities or sensory deficiencies (blindness & deafness) will make it unable for them to socialize and work with other children.

This is a huge part in helping their development. Cache Childcare Level 2 Unit 1 Assignment Words | 9 Pages. CACHE Level 2 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Child Care and Education Question 1 D1: An example of a statutory provision for children under 5 years is a nursery.

childcare level unit 2 B1 Essay To be a good key worker “you need many skills and qualities”. For a key worker it is important to remember that children will be “relying” on them for their “emotional security” (Tassoni,page 99) To have a good key worker role you will need to be “friendly, show attention patience.

Child care level 2 unit 1
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