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The world was so rosy and bright. In Annotated bibliography for sister carrie, the novel and its modern ideas of morality helped to produce a movement in which the literary generation of its time was found "detaching itself from its predecessor.

She realised that she was of interest to him from the one standpoint which a woman both delights in and fears. In Arnold Bennett said, "Dreiser simply does not know how to write, never did know, never wanted to know. He always wore a silk hat of most imposing proportions.

There was something satisfactory in the attention of this individual with his good clothes. There are no illusions about the personality of Carrie Meeber. He frequently gave up on it but Henry urged him to continue.

But the rebellious, tenacious even if simple personality of Carrie Meeber just highlights the ridiculousness of the ideal itself meek, docile, forever understanding, endlessly supportive, quietly content.

She realised that hers was not to be a round of pleasure, and yet there was something promising in all the material prospect he set forth. He was not garrulous by any means. While it initially did not sell well fewer than copies and encountered censorship, it is now considered one of the great American urban novels, which explores the gritty details of human nature, as well as how the process of industrialization affected the American people.

There was much more passing now than the mere words indicated. Her knowledge of life extended to that little conventional round of society of which she was not--but longed to be--a member. Morgenroth the clothier and Gibson the dry goods man. On the train, Carrie meets Charles Drouet, a traveling salesman, who is attracted to her because of her simple beauty and unspoiled manner.

What he could not correct, he would ignore. Meanwhile, Carrie achieves stardom, but finds that money and fame do not satisfy her longings or bring her happiness and that nothing will. Hurstwood was the type of the woman who has ever endeavoured to shine and has been more or less chagrined at the evidences of superior capability in this direction elsewhere.

It was impressed her deeply.

Sister Carrie (Chapter 9)

For her daughter, she hoped better things. She was in the high school, and had notions of life which were decidedly those of a patrician. He was not willingly a prevaricator, and hated thoroughly to make explanations concerning it. At last he had a clew to her interest, and followed it deftly.

Once in a while he would meet a woman whose youth, sprightliness, and humour would make his wife seem rather deficient by contrast, but the temporary dissatisfaction which such an encounter might arouse would be counterbalanced by his social position and a certain matter of policy.

Oh, it was so easy now! On the contrary, there was a fine reserve in his manner toward the entire domestic economy of his life which was all that is comprehended by the popular term, gentlemanly.

Hurstwood, not to be outshone by her daughter, also frequently enlivened her apparel. Too arrogant to accept most of the job opportunities available to him, Hurstwood soon discovers that his savings are running out and urges Carrie to economize, which she finds humiliating and distasteful.

There were soft rugs, rich, upholstered chairs and divans, a grand piano, a marble carving of some unknown Venus by some unknown artist, and a number of small bronzes gathered from heaven knows where, but generally sold by the large furniture houses along with everything else which goes to make the "perfectly appointed house.

Upon returning home to Carrie, he encourages her to take the part of the heroine. A blare of sound, a roar of life, a vast array of human hives, appeal to the astonished senses in equivocal terms. For example, the Toledo Blade reported that the book "is a faithful portraiture of the conditions it represents, showing how the tangle of human life is knotted thread by thread" but that it was "too realistic, too somber to be altogether pleasing.Sister Carrie Questions and Answers.

The Question and Answer section for Sister Carrie is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Sister Carrie (Chapter 9) Lyrics. CHAPTER IX CONVENTION'S OWN TINDER-BOX: THE EYE THAT IS GREEN Hurstwood's residence on.

Sister Carrie (Chapter 1)

Sister Carrie is regarded as the masterpiece of Theodore Dreiser’s writing skills in naturalist style. Annotated Bibliography for Sister Carrie Essay Yu, Hanying. "A brief analysis of Sister Carrie's character." English Language Teaching (): +.

Gale Student Resources In Context. Sister Carrie - Full Version (Annotated) has 32, ratings and 1, reviews. Nataliya said: Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie was the first real book I' /5(K).

Sister Carrie () InBlack Balloon Publishing released Clementine Classics: Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser, a new version of Sister Carrie annotated by Tumblr literary critic Clementine the Hedgehog.

Bibliography. Sources. Theodore Dreiser, Neda Westlake (ed.). Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser, has been acknowledged as “the greatest of all American urban novels”. Carrie Meeber, the female protagonist of the text, is a symbol of ambition. At the age of eighteen, she sets to Chicago to realize her American dream.

Annotated bibliography for sister carrie
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