A summary of roland smiths jacks run

It was Zita, and El Sereno. I would recomend it to someone who likes realistic fiction. When their parents noticed, they were not answering their phone, they began to panic.

Little does he know jack and his sister, the kids, escaped. It is magical, and suspenseful. Roland Smith Rating I rate this book five stars. But even in jail, Alonzo Aznar is not giving up. Will Jack and Joanne be able to survive? One day, when Jack, and Joanne were in their house, someone comes and takes them.

He has already tried once, in Elko, Nevada, where he was arrested. I would like to reat the whole series. You can feel like you are right there with Jack Osborne and Joanne Osborne in the same setting. Overall this book was kind of boring.

Now that the drug cartel leader is in prison, he more than ever needs to find and kill the Osborne family. Summary Jack Osborne and his family finally are in peace, being the Greens.

I think that this book was exciting and filled with adventures. Jack and his sister got kidnapped because there dad was part of a drug cartel.

Jack's Run

Instead he took a airplane to go get them. Other than that reading about the parents and Alonzo and the drug cartel people it was really boring. He kidnaps the Osborne children, Jack and Joanne, and says that if Neil, the father, ever wants to see his kids alive again, he needs to hand over his diary, which has incriminating information on the drug cartel in it.

Information that could put them in jail. The only chapters I liked reading was the ones with the kids in it.The intense story Jack's run by Roland Smith is a modern story that tells how the main character Jack has a run-in with a drug cartel.

The Witness Security Program protect Jacks /5. Jack's Run by Roland Smith, Tk When Jack Osborne's father was arrested for drug trafficking, he agreed to tell the authorities everything he knew about his ex-boss, the ruthless drug czar Alonzo Asnar/5(13). Click to read more about Jack's Run by Roland Smith.

Roland Smith

LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Summary:The book"Jacks Run" is the sequel to "Zack's Lie" this book is about a boy in the witness protection program and gets himself into a lot of problems. He falls in love with a girl named Catlin and he cant tell /5(18).

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Weekend Sale | Save $ jacks run. Jack's run is a great book. i read it and the whole time i was on the edge of my seat. it was so thrilling and exciting. But yet it was so mysterious and you didnt know what was coming it was just like 5/5(1).

by Roland Smith Jack's Run Author's Background Characterization: Plot Summary Topics: Themes: Mack Greene: Protagonist- gambler Christine Greene: Protagonist Becomes an actress (9) The Last Lobo, Zach's Lie, Cryptid Hunters and Jack's Run(Published in ).

Story is about how Jack and his family trying to run away from a notorious drug.

A summary of roland smiths jacks run
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