A religious ranting on the topic of morality

Religion in public schools

Policy-setting can be undertaken in a range of ways, depending on individual societies. If people want a god and religious beliefs in a classroom there are private schools for that.

Religion's Role in the World

Raping people is bad. A child can be taught that anything is true — anything! Indeed, one could ask whether morality could exist at all without a reliable sense of consequence.

But even in these ugly subcultures we are discussing, there is still reciprocity: I want to engage with you in some common-sense arguments that might make you think a little more widely about where your morality originated.

You attempt to appeal to society for your claim, citing the separation of Church and State. Church and state should always remain separate and as this is a public school it is funded by the government.

Torturing people is bad. How can an atheist say that their morals were wrong? He invited me to a meeting. What alternative measure of morality is there that is universally binding? I was thoroughly bemused when confronted with the unique opportunity to debate an atheist, epistemological foundationalist.

I have worked with blue collar workers and white. An objective standard means that, even if the whole world says that adultery is right, it is still wrong. She would either have all religions be taught equally, or no religions at all, as either case will not push only one religion on the students.

Today, it is only one of a number of social institutions involved in promoting and enforcing human values. Embrace the culture, but still encourage the child to think for himself. All posts must be respectful towards others Do not attack people for their opinion or their group. And it ignores the fact that humanity had values and morals long before Christ or Moses or any other religious leader.

My opponent seems to agree with me on this point, as he says that in a different possible universe, if God had made different commands, morality would be different. The efficacy of a law in achieving those aims is a scientific question, and science has made definitive pronouncements on those questions at times.

Now go to your room! As a matter of fact, it seems as if you have bellied up to the Bible and are treating it like a buffet. Does my opponent wish to suggest that if we alter any of the fixed variables in our universe that nothing will change? They were a rough group of people who enjoyed bullying others.

You are making a value claim. How dare you tell another human being what their own personal ethical value system should be. However, I can tell you right now that you come across like a privileged white collar person who has never had to deal with the blue collar factory worker as a group.

In a similar vein, there has been numerous acts of genocide that were religious by nature.

for Christians (especially): Is the war in Iraq biblical?

You are arguing that either, no belief should be shared at all, or all beliefs should be shared. And thank you all, for observing this debate, and judging it in a fair and even handed way.

But morality is clearly not arbitrary, murder and needless suffering will, it seems, always be immoral, in any world. But then comes the snag… Religion actually screws and twists and corrupts our innate morality.

Not everyone shares the same belief. Why should religious groups be absolved of accountability? Hum, I see a post on religion and infantilism coming on… Back to religion and morality.

In their heart of hearts. Donald Trump mocks the meek. To question that their beliefs are not sincere, to act against them, is seen as an insult to them If this is true, you should have no issues with your son being exposed to fairy tales, as he will be able to refute the claims made by said tales.

I think keeping religion out of schools defeats the purpose of a public school. Has Donald Trump ever lifted a finger to help anyone in need beyond his own immediate circle?The bible does seem to touch on the topic of homosexuality but im no bible buff.

Cant quote it or tell you were nor am i trying to say anything about homos, im just saying ive seen it somewhere in there. Hi, former faithers of the Christian persuasion.

Can any of you point me in the direction of good and useful books on non-biblical, secular morality?

Religion and morality

It irks (spelling?) me when I hear faithy people say that without God there can be no morality. I, now that I am on there other side of faithy thin.

Jan 22,  · your president is a Christian politician, so when deciding on issues related to morality, he look at source of morality the word of God the decision to war against this guy was the right one politically, ethically and morally and in accordance to secular and religious ideals.

The Religious debate over “objective morality” One of the most heated and famous debates in Western philosophy, still quite relevant today in seminaries, philosophy departments, and in the public debate about religion and atheism, is whether or not God Read More.

Jan 31,  · Explore discussion on the topic - Morality and science. Religious debate over “objective morality” The Religious debate over “objective morality” A number of atheist writers have responded to these religious perspectives, which form the other part of this topic (see Discussion Forum #11 on forums on Nietzsche and Sartre, and #12 on Hitchens and the New Atheists).

A religious ranting on the topic of morality
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