A history of the stonehenge a mysterious monument

The monolith was discovered ft 40 metres below the waves on what was once an island called Pantelleria Vecchia Bank in the Sicilian Channel.

The dates of these circles are unknown, and it remains to be determined whether the pits held posts or stones or were merely circles of holes. I doubt not, Stonehenge in Saxon signifies the hanging stones.

Other archaeologists, however, have since come to view this part of Salisbury Plain as a point of intersection between adjacent prehistoric territories, serving as a seasonal gathering place during the 4th and 3rd millennia bce for groups living in the lowlands to the east and west.

While not everyone agrees, most modern scholars think that these giant stones had to be moved miles to become part of Stonehenge. Because its bank is inside its ditch, Stonehenge is not truly a henge site.

10 Mysterious Underwater Anomalies

Stages of Stonehenge Stonehenge was built within an area that was already special to Mesolithic and Neolithic people. He excavated some 24 barrows before digging in and around the stones and discovered charred wood, animal bones, pottery and urns. The famous Neolithic monument in Wiltshire is aligned to the sunset of the winter solstice and the sunrise of the summer solstice and is thought to have been used by ancient people to survey the heavens.

The result will be a decision to eliminate humans from the planet! Archaeoastronomy and Stonehenge Stonehenge was produced by a culture that left no written records. What was to become known as the Altar Stone is almost certainly derived from the Senni Bedsperhaps from 50 miles 80 kilometres east of Mynydd Preseli in the Brecon Beacons.

English Heritage First stage: Also, the system currently has to serve billions of people. Some archaeologists argue that some of these bluestones were from a second group brought from Wales. A recent excavation has suggested that the Aubrey Holes may have originally been used to erect a bluestone circle.

For all the talk and fear of a World government, e seem no closer to it now then when I was born. Evidence of huge fires on the banks of the Avon between the two avenues also suggests that both circles were linked.

Unraveling the Mystery of the “Armenian Stonehenge”

However the Georgia Guide Stones are made of granite and to make a round hole requires drilling. I bet you will like it just fine. For well over a century, people have gathered at the monument to celebrate the summer solstice.

Sunlight shining through a portion of the stone circle at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, Eng. The Devil then cried out, "No-one will ever find out how these stones came here! It is not known whether the stones were taken directly from their quarries to Salisbury Plain or were the result of the removal of a venerated stone circle from Preseli to Salisbury Plain to "merge two sacred centres into one, to unify two politically separate regions, or to legitimise the ancestral identity of migrants moving from one region to another".

It cannot be accurately dated and may have been installed at any time during phase 3.Visit mysterious Stonehenge and discover Britain’s greatest prehistoric monument. With a year history, the mighty monument stands the test of time as one of ancient man’s greatest and logic defying triumphs of architecture.

Armenia is a country full of archeological surprises. It is a country where mysterious stories appear at every corner, and most of them still wait to be solved. Sep 09,  · The Stonehenge-like granite slabs, known as the Georgia Guidestones, have sparked controversy around the world and their meaning is still up for debate.

The main feature (the "monument" proper) is a rectangular formation measuring about by 40 m ( by ft) and about 27 m (90 ft). History. Stonehenge itself evolved in several construction phases spanning at least some years. However there is evidence of large scale construction both before and afterwards on and around the monument that perhaps extends the landscape's time frame to years.

One hypothesis is that the current dating of Stonehenge is wrong and it is actually much older. However, Professor Pearson believes “it’s more likely that they were building their own monument [in Wales], that somewhere near the quarries there is the first Stonehenge and that what we’re seeing at Stonehenge is a second-hand monument.

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A history of the stonehenge a mysterious monument
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